Find Out How Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing SMEs Can Grow Sales and Profits Using the Powerful and Proven Chrysalis Success System

Move Your Business to the Next Level    ○   Drive Profits   ○   Free Up Time   ○   Achieve Your Personal Goals

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I can help you to:

Work less hours and increase your income

39% of business owners work over 60 hours per week and just 57% take vacations according to Gallup

Increase sales & profitability

Follow no-nonsense and proven strategies to jump-start growth in your organisation

Reduce friction and improve efficiency

Implement simple yet powerful strategies to increase your effectiveness

Make your business work for you

Make sure your business is helping you achieve your personal goals and dream

The Services I Offer

  • Profitability

  • Strategy

  • People

  • Systems

  • Workshops

I offer support and guidance for growing businesses exactly when they need it the most, delving into the intricate details of the business, ensuring that any issues or areas for potential improvement are highlighted quickly. Despite the fact I work within the consulting industry, we are far from what you would traditionally expect from a ‘consultant’.

Instead, I take a key interest in each detail about your business, working with you to make improvements in sales and internal efficiencies and processes.  My objective is to grow the business, make it run smoothly and improve the quality of life for the business owner(s).

And, since I specialise in working with companies involved in Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing, everything is tailored exactly to the needs of your business.

I work with you to break down your business into component pieces

Adding sales, in theory, is always welcome, however sales with poor margins makes no sense for any business.  Furthermore, more sales when you do not have the back-end systems to cope with the additional growth can also result in disaster for businesses.  My main goal is to take you through the logical steps to develop your business and achieve growth in profitability and sales, both in the short and medium to long term

I will work with you for as long as you need me to

Some client relationships can stretch for many years, others much less.  I want to add value to your business and work with you and your key personnel to gain momentum in your marketplace and free up some of your precious time to do what you do best

I specialise in working with Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing companies

I understand the unique needs of a  business like yours. Although you face challenges common to any business, the nature of your work presents specific challenges that only someone with a background in technology and engineering can fully understand. I can dive deeply into what your business does and fully understand your offering and your internal processes to deliver it.

In my early career I worked in design, development and manufacturing. For latter part of my career I’ve been in marketing and sales in technology companies. This gives me a unique perspective having been successful on both sides of the development/marketing & sales fence.

There are many reasons people choose to use Chrysalis services including:



Expert advice and guidance regarding business growth and expansion


A key insight into potential issues with the way your business is currently performing

Support for exactly the right amount of time


Your business remains yours and everything is always in your control

Together we can create a business you will be delighted with and that will bring with it the quantifiable results that you can see and enjoy for yourself

How We’ll Work Together



Our initial meeting with you is FREE and there is totally no obligation for anything further on either side if the chemistry is not right, or if either party is less than comfortable to work together.

I will spend time with you and understand your ‘pain’ within the business and see where we can work with you to make improvements.  This meeting alone is value rich and will help you think constructively about the future of your business, even in the event that you decide not to move forward with me.


Once we are agreed on working together the first stage is to compile an Action Plan with both near term and medium term strategies to work on.  We want to bring success to the working relationship as quickly as possible so we will nail down some strategies to implement very quickly.

We are not going to ask you to spend all of your money on expensive marketing campaigns so here’s some great news – Chrysalis strategies are all no cost or very low cost to the business.  Most strategies cost nothing to implement and can yield great results very quickly.


So we’re working together and the sales are growing – what happens next?  The systems and processes underpinning the business are often as critical success as the sales.  There’s no sense driving sales through the door if there’s no one waiting in the back office to process the order and service your customers effectively.

I’ll help you develop your people to maximise their potential and make your business a well oiled machine which can grow and grow


With any business process, results are what you are looking for, and I am driven to bring you the best results you are capable of. At every single phase of the project, I will report results back to you, and discuss what these results mean for the future running of your business. Complete satisfaction is always assured and you can cancel working with me at any time.  Some relationships last months and some span many years – YOU remain in control the whole time. It’s normal to grow businesses many times over and it’s why I do what I do – I want the relationship to be fruitful for both parties.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help my business

I can help your business by using previously proven business models to help you gain more traction in your target markets.  Chryalis strategies are generally no or low cost to help you drive the business forward cost effectively.

My mission is to improve the quality of life for the business owner by growing profitability and improving the systems you have in place to make the business run more smoothly.

How will you engage with us during the process?

I will begin by learning what your business is all about, and what are the personal goals that you are working towards.  Once I understand the overall objective, we can formulate an action plan together to drive towards the goal using our proven systems and methodologies.

Why is your background in Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing important?

Have you ever tried to explain what your product/service is/does to a non-technical person? Tried to get them to understand the design/development processes that are at the core of your business and fundamental to its success?

The reality is that things happen in your business that simply don’t happen in others. It is essential to fully understand this environment and the technicalities of your offering to be successful marketing and selling it. Generic Marketing and Sales simply won’t cut it.


What does it cost to work with a consultant coach?

I will work with you to fit the engagement around your available budget.  I want to make the bulk of our fees from the success that I help bring to your business, therefore I do not charge huge fixed fees – I am very affordable and my first appointment with you is totally free with no obligation to sign up to a consulting or coaching plan.

How do I know this will work for my business

Chrysalis strategies and systems have been applied across thousands of business over the years and they all work. My experience with companies like yours means I can fully understand what you do and what you offer to a very deep level. I can ascertain which strategies are likely to be most effective for your business and tailor them accordingly.

Remember, most strategies cost little or nothing to implement so if one does not work as we hoped, we’ll stop and use something else.  Chrysalis have dozens of strategies and many of them will be effective for your business.